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Kjære yogavenner!


Som mange av dere har etterspurt.


I april kommer Amir Jaan tilbake! Jippi! Yeah!


Yindalini Workshop with Amir Jaan:


This is going to be just pure MAGIC again in Norway. Amir Jaan´s teachings are so profound, if you know him already you know what I am talking about.



* The best contemporary tribal beats

* To get high as a kite on prana

* To stimulate & open all the nervous & vascular pathways to the   brain

* To smile, to sing to sweat, to laugh to play & to dance until you drop and disappear in to a sweet, deep savasana

* To awaken to a new better, happier version of you


We will also include some sound healing by the gong during the weekend.


This weekend offers a series of contemporary workshops written and presented by Amir Jaan, that "Work" to both engage & support the necessary and powerful transformative process of rapid self-evolution. In this series of workshops Amir will explain the subtle, delicate and sophisticated but potent way that his unique style, which he calls - Yindalini Tantra - opens you up to the potential for deep physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation.


He holds a strong, safe space for everyone to explore the magical and powerful teachings of yogic science and gives the possibility to enjoy the blissful feeling of wholeness, freedom and happiness in a light-hearted and playful flow.The feeling you get after his deep, genius yoga classes is truely one of a kind. All levels will gain.


Reserve Your spot with email to;, SMS to 918 45 361. Or use the contact form you can find when you klick on «find tickets».


Registration is binding!


Practical information:


Saturday - Sunday 6. & 7. April, 2019.

Time: Both days 10.00 - 13.00 and 14.00 - 17.00

(1 hr lunch break in between)




Full weekend; NOK 2450,-

10 % EARLYBIRD DISCOUNT if you registrate for the full weekend and pay before the 18th of mars.

One day: NOK 1350,-

One practice (3hr): NOK 750,-


Discount for students/unemployed/welfare 10%. Information MUST be given upon registration.


Payment upon reservation at Vipps or invoice.


If you want you can order a green and substainable lunsj for nok 125,- pr day. This must be ordered 4. of april at the latest. More information about this in the event on Facebook.


Sound like Fun? ~ Oh yeah! Then feel free to accept this warm invitation & join in healing vibration together.


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Amir's Biography:


Amir Jaan is one of the undisputed masters of Kundalini Yoga’s young generation. He is now Senior Mentor for hundreds of students. He has taught for more than fifteen years across all four corners of the globe. Amir's broad knowledge and experience make him a powerful teacher, able to assist anyone and everyone in their yoga practice.


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